Published On: Sun, Nov 26th, 2017

The most expensive Taco in the world is served in Cabo Mexico

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De pastor, barbacoa, carnitas, Mexican stews, canasta; soft or crunchy, in Mexico the tacos arouse passions and appetite. But in Los Cabos you can eat the absolutely ultimate “King of Tacos”… specially tailored for the rich and eccentric.

The most expensive taco in the world is served here, and it is sold for the ridiculous amount of 25 thousand American dollars!

You can order this taco at Frida restaurant of the Grand Velas Resort in Los Cabos.

The price may sound crazy but when you find out that the tortilla is made with 24 carats edible gold sheets, and it is stuffed with Beluga caviar, French brie, white and black truffle, Japanese Kobe meat and lobster, the cost makes sense.

But not only its “stuffing” and tortilla make it expensive, but also the sauce because its creator, executive chef Juan Licerio Alcalá, created a unique sauce exclusively for this mighty expensive taco, that features ingredients such as: morita chilli pepper, civet coffee and Pasion Azteca ultra  premium tequila, which cost per drink is around 1,500 dollars, while the bottle (made of platinum encrusted with diamonds) costs 150 thousand dollars.

So… Would you like to Taco ’bout it?




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