Published On: Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

AMLO under fire for suggesting amnesty for drug cartels

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The left-wing candidate leading Mexico’s presidential race has drawn widespread criticism for saying he will consider giving amnesty to cartel leaders to reduce drug-related violence.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador drew opposition this week for saying he will consider using amnesty to reduce the nation’s surging homicide rate and drug-related violence.

A poll published Wednesday shows Lopez Obrador and his party MORENA enjoy a slight lead heading into next year’s presidential election.

In an interview with reporters while campaigning in the state of Guerrero, Lopez Obrador said he would look at amnesty as a way of “guaranteeing peace” in Mexico.

Andreés Manuel López Obrador (Photo: Archive)

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Photo: Archive)

Asked specifically if he would consider amnesty for drug cartel leaders, he said he would analyze it.

He offered no specifics on how amnesty would be implemented and he promised to take into account the rights of crime victims.

Mexico’s murder rate has surged this year. Observers blame the spike in violence on cartel splintering and turf battles as a result of the government’s war on the cartels as well as on corrupt and inept law enforcement.

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