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New Year Traditions in San Miguel de Allende

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New year traditions in San Miguel de Allende are something to behold. Fireworks, ringing bells, 12 grapes, a family dinner, sparkling wine, hugs and music set the stage for a typical New Year’s celebration in San Miguel and throughout Mexico. These traditions are a hodge podge mix of rituals and traditions from different societies and different countries, such as Spain, France, the Arab nations and the United States. As in the rest of the world, those of us that live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajato, gather together with our loved ones, relatives or friends to celebrate what we’ve shared during the past year and to wish a new and better one for everyone.

New Year’s celebrations in Mexico are not necessarily held at home, families and friends also gather in restaurants that offer dinner and dancing. Some of the most interesting places to spend New Year’s Eve in San Miguel are Mama Mias, Tio Lucas, Harry’s and Hecho in Mexico. If dancing is what you are into, then you won’t want to pass on dancing in the streets of the jardin (the central plaza) or Arthur Murray.

new years in san miguel de allende

Of course, you won’t want to miss the fireworks at midnight. These are held right in the center in the central plaza known as the jardin, and start at around midnight. The municipal government organizes a massive celebration right in the jardín. And the best part! It’s free for everyone.

New Year Traditions in San Miguel de Allende at Home

One thing San Miguel de Allende is known for is its extravagant dinner parties. Those that celebrate at home share various rituals from many of the world’s cultures.  It’s very traditional to eat 12 grapes at the moment that the countdown begins to welcome the New Year, representing 12 wishes; lentils  are spread around the door as a symbol of abundance, then they are swept out of the home. The belief is that this removes all of the bad feelings, emotions and events that occurred in the previous year.

A very interesting tradition, one upheld by both men and women, is to wear red underwear on the 31st. In doing so, a person attracts love to his life. But then, if love is not of interest, then money might be; in that case, you’ll want to wear yellow underwear.

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