Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

Perroquia: promotes tolerance, compassion and care for companion animals in SMA

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Tags is a non-profit organization founded in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to rescue, shelter and relieve the suffering of formerly abused, homeless and unwanted street dogs.

Their mission is to rescue dogs who are suffering and to educate and promote tolerance, compassion and care for companion animals in our society.

Working in both the USA and Mexico, KimmyCare is actively working towards it’s US 501(c)3 Tax status and it’s Mexican A.C. tax status. We are guided by our founder/CEO and a board of directors who meets monthly to monitor and strengthen our programs and services and to ensure programs are consistent with the organization’s mission. One of the board’s foremost responsibilities is to secure adequate resources for the organization and to provide financial and legal oversight.

We need $2000/usd every month to continue to operate and our situation is now quite desperate. If donations are not recieved soon, we may be forced to close the shelter.

Funds go straight to dog food, shelter rent, sterilizations, medications, and shelter maintenance like warmer beds for the dogs, safe kennels, etc.

We must pay the rent by December 31, 2017 – or the shelter will be forced to close.

There are no options for these dogs – they either have a home with us, or they are back on the streets, and we are trying everything to avoid that.

Please consider donating and helping us stay open, or go to our site to become a monthly sustaining member. We can’t do this without help!

To donate for perroquia click here or here

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