Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2018

UN demands Mexican Government to solve indigenous social leader murder

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Women UN and Mexico’s High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights (ONU-DH in Spanish) regretted the murder of Guadalupe Campanur, 32 years old, indigenous human rights advocate in the Mexican State of Michoacán, who was found dead on January 16th in the County of Chilchota and according to the forensic reports she had been sexually assaulted and strangled between 36 and 48 hours, she disappeared on January 3rd.

She was part of Cheran community, a Michoacán county which had mobilized and demonstrated against illegal tree felling in 2011 and against organized crime violence and impunity in the region and created their own government system to protect themselves.

“Cheram has become a singular example of the indigenous self-government in Mexico, acknowledged by the UN Special Relator for the indigenous people’s human rights, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz after her visit to Mexico in November 2017”, said a UN press release.

Campanur was one of the founders of the Community Round, conceived to protect the community and its forest and she took part of several activities, among them environmental protection projects.

Belen Sanz, representative of UN Women, called Mexican authorities to guarantee an effective investigation regarding this assassination and demanded the Government to go to the last consequences finding the intellectual and material authors of such a hateful crime.

Source: The Baja Post



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