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When is Chinese New Year’s Day in 2018?

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The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the beginning of a new lunar calendar and that is why the festivities change year after year. In 2018, we will say goodbye to the year of the rooster of fire and we will receive the year of the earth dog on February 16.

Chinese astrology is related to the zodiacal animals in a cycle of 12 years, and the animal of of the five elements: (wood, fire, earth, metal or water)  is assigned to each animal on each cycle .

The pair formed by the animal and the element determines the specific personality of the individual born on that year.

According to China Highlights, those born after February 16, 2018 in the year of the earth dog will be “communicative, serious, and responsible at work”. The dogs are loyal and honest. They tend to have good health and experience a lot of happiness.

Some famous land dogs are Madonna, who was born in 1958, Michael Jackson, 1958, and C: S: Lewis, 1898. In case you have not noticed, ground dogs are born every 60 years.

What is the Chinese Zodiac story?

Legend has it that, back in the ancient days, the Jade Emperor ordered that animals would become part of the calendar – and that the 12 who arrived first would be selected.

At the time, the cat and the rat were good friends. When they heard the news, the cat said to the rat: “We should arrive early to sign up, but I usually get up late.”

The rat promised to wake his pal up so they could go together but, because he was so excited, forgot and went alone.

On the way, the rat bumped into the tiger, ox, horse and other animals – who were all much faster than him.

He hatched a plan and convinced the ox to carry him on his back – on the condition that the rat sang throughout the journey.

The ox arrived first, but the rat sneaked in front of him and became the first lucky animal.

By the time the cat arrived, the selection was over – which is why the cat hates the rat and will always try to chase and kill him.


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