Published On: Mon, Feb 19th, 2018

Celaya prepares tourist guide for Holy Week holidays

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Celaya has been working in preparing a tourist guide to improve its service before the demand foreseen for the Holy Week holiday period, when tourism is expected to increase.

Through a new guide of destinations and services, in which hotels and restaurants are promoted, the Tourism Council attempts to showcase the best of the city and generate the interest of visitors.

Promoters of this category, such as Emmanuel Leal, indicated that during the Holy Week, the number of people looking for popular places in the city will increase, including the points of sale for cajeta and historic buildings in downtown Celaya.

The Tourism Council has registered 400 people who have asked for tourist information already through social networks.

This type of approach is favorable to improve the income and popularity of the city. Therefore, Carlos León, one of the visitors, expressed the importance of promoting the tourism attractions of the city of Celaya.

(Photo: El Sol del Bajío)

(Photo: El Sol del Bajío)

According to Emmanuel Leal, after foreseeing the demand expected in March during the vacation period of Holy Week and Easter Week, the Council will give away brochures featuring information, historical reviews of the municipality and a map where people can find restaurants and hotels, as well as other basic travel services, including emergency numbers, hospitals or pharmacies.

The Tourism Council of Celaya stated that besides cultural tourism, they want to promote eco tourism routes with the expectation of attracting another type of tourists that could allow new income through “adventure tourism”.




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