Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2018

Man arrested with 278 grams of “White China” heroin

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An operation conducted by the State Preventive Police of the Mexican State of Baja California, resulted in the detention of a man with 278 grams of “China White” heroin.

The bust took place in a popular district of the state capital Mexicali.

As Preventive Police agents were conducting a routine surveillance round, they saw a suspicious vehicle, obstructing  the street, so they decided to get off the police car and see what was the problem with the driver.

The driver said his name was Ricardo “X”, 39 years old, who behaved nervously which alerted the PEP agents, who proceeded to frisk the suspect and found a white powder bundle in one of his pockets and then, inside the vehicle, they found a container with the same kind of substance which turned out to be China White heroin.

The amount of the drug was 278 grams, enough for 278 thousand doses of this type of heroin which is more lethal and more addictive than the so called “brown tar heroin”.

The suspect was arrested and placed under the custody of Federal Authorities, who will determine his legal situation.

Source: The Baja Post



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