Published On: Sun, Feb 18th, 2018

Trump is totally irrelevant in Mexico’s presidential race: New York Post (Why he shouldn’t be?)

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The New York Post says that, anyone might think, given President Trump’s habit of being all Americans talk about, plus the fact that we’re in the midst of a debate over immigration and a border wall, that folks in Mexico would be laser-focused on The Donald. Yet, as a presidential campaign is getting in gear here, newspaper polls aren’t even asking voters about Trump.

Sure, the fate of immigrants and dreamers affect many Mexican families. And those ugly insults Trump still occasionally hurls at Mexicans hurt. Mexican voters’ favorability ratings of the US government have dropped. And Mexican tourism to the United States is down.

Yet, as Mexico’s July 1 presidential campaign looms, Trump is all but non-existent.

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Take the leading favorite to win the presidency, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known affectionately here as AMLO). He’s a far-left, US-leery populist and a perennial candidate. But even he isn’t running on an “I’ll show Trump once and for all” platform.

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Source: New York Post



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