Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Gay couple attacked with a firearm in Puerto Vallarta

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Marc Lange and Carl Brea, a couple from Los Angeles who are vacationing in Jalisco, were assaulted by a man with a firearm on Saturday March 24 in Puerto Vallarta, considered one of the most important LGBT tourist destinations in Mexico.

Through Facebook, Lange told the story and condemned that neither the authorities nor the local media treated the attack as a hate crime, but as an assault.

The attack took place at around 2:30 am, when the couple of tourists walked hand in hand towards their hotel, when they passed through the Lázaro Cárdenas Park, a subject that was close to them, and according to Carl’s words “had  the appearance of having been in jail,”  yelled something at them.

Blea noticed that the man drew a gun, so he got in his way to protect his husband Marc.

Without even saying a word, the subject pointed the gun at them and fired; the bullet wounded Blea as it entered under his right buttock and exited his thigh.

Photo: Silla Rota

The couple considered that the attack was a hate crime based on their homosexuality. Lange described the attack as “an act of random hatred,” so he told the local police.

The gay couple affirms that the mass media biased the story as it was an assault, reason why they believe that the local government and the press are colluded to conceal the truth.

“This was not a robbery that went wrong, it was a hate crime … We never talked to the man who shot us, he yelled at us and then he took out a gun and shot us, we told 3 different police officers the same story” said Marc Lange.

Foto: Baja Post

Foto: Baja Post




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