Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

Guanajuato is free of measles

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Thousands of families travel during Semana Santa, for that reason the State Secretariat of Health recommends those people who travel to Europe, the United States, Canada or Guatemala to complete their vaccination scheme and adopt preventive measures against measles.

Because of its vaccination scheme among the population, Guanajuato can proudly say that since 1996 there has not been an autochthonous case of measles, however, authorities invite the population not to become overconfident and to complete the necessary schemes.

Guanajuato can presume that since 1996 there has not been an autochthonous case of measles.

Guanajuato can presume that since 1996 there has not been an autochthonous case of measles.

“As part of the strategies to monitor and detect the illness in a timely manner a state program has been installed since 1992, in order to eradicate measles from our country and our continent. Since 1996, the few cases that have been recorded in our country have been “imported”, the virus was acquired in another country and on arrival the patient developed the symptoms, but the virus is not present in our country, nor in our state,”said the director of Epidemiology in the state, Fátima Melchor Márquez.


She added that in the three cases detected in Mexico City, in patients had traveled to Italy. For that reason epidemiological blockades, fences and quarantine s  were implemented when necessary, to avoid a risk of local transmission.

The specialist recommended to the Guanajuato population not to be alarmed by these cases, because this virus does not have presence in our country. “Mexico and Guanajuato are characterized by having a very robust vaccination system, a very complete vaccine which controls measles and rubella are applied to children from one to six years old.”

If any person has lost their immunization record or is not sure of being protected, the director of Epidemiology recommended to go to the nearest Health Center where a dose of double viral will be applied, guaranteeing adequate protection.

Finally the doctor said that in other countries there have been anti-vaccine movements, which have generated the emergence of viruses, which can become complicated and even cause death.

Countries with measles outbreaks:

  • U.S
  • Canada
  • Guatemala
  • Italy
  • Just to mention a few




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