Published On: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

“Las Momias” are getting ready for “Semana Santa”

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With four new show windows, where the mummified bodies are exhibited,  a photographic collection and billboards, the Guanajuato Museum of Mummies improves its image with an investment of almost half a million pesos.

“So far we’ve installed 4 new show windows in which 150 thousand pesos were invested, however in mid-March, the management will acquire another 11 so the investment will increase 350 thousand pesos more”.

For the acquisition of the information panels, which describe the history of the mummies, a resource of 20 thousand pesos is added to the total investment.

The director stressed that these changes were made because the previous show windows did not have the conditions, to protect the bodies from the actual weather. “The production of new display windows has already begun, the museographic furniture will be totally replaced”, he emphasized.


The new image of the most visited tourist site in this municipality is expected to be completed before “Semana Santa” and the Easter holidays.

Among the improvements at the Museum there’s a new roof outside the tourist area, remodeled restrooms and restoration of museum furniture, for an investment of 1.2 million pesos.




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