Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Police officers and civilians save the life of bridge jumper in San Miguel

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On Tuesday March 27, police officers and civilians dissuaded a girl from jumping from a pedestrian bridge in SMA.

The girl was trying to commit suicide by throwing herself from the Pipila bridge. The law enforcement officers brought her down safe, and the girl is now receiving psychological attention.

It was 5:00 in the afternoon, when in the 066 Emergency System received a report from a citizen, who mentioned that a teenager was trying to throw herself off a bridge.

Immediately notice was given to Municipal Police, Red Cross, Fire Dept. and Civil Protection, to prevent the possible suicide.

Agents of the Public Security Secretariat, arrived at the place and saw the girl literally hanging from the bridge, so they moved immediately.

Photo: Atencion San Miguel

Photo: Atencion San Miguel

A truck was placed under the girl’s body, underneath the bridge, and finally she landed on top of the vehicle, and she was “caught” by police officers and civilians.

Once the girl was safe, she suffered a faint and one of the citizens who helped to save her, carried her in arms to the Police car, where they waited for the arrival of Red Cross Paramedics, who finally transferred her to the Civil Hospital.

SMT Newsroom with information from OEM



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