Published On: Mon, Mar 5th, 2018

With an initial investment of 400 million pesos Guanajuato roads will be improved

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“An initial investment of 400 million pesos will be used for the Highway Maintenance Program 2018”, announced the state Governor, Miguel Márquez Márquez.

“Guanajuato has the best roads in the country, and we will continue to lead in this field, so we announce this first phase of the program, to fix, improve, paint and keep our roads in excellent condition, for Guanajuato and those who visit our beautiful state,” said the governor.

“In two weeks, the second stage starts, where the application of another 400 million pesos is contemplated. It is important to keep the roads in good condition, because this strengthens the development of the state economy”, he added.

“For stage one, actions are being taken for the modernization of the federal highways Salvatierra-Acámbaro and San Luis de la Paz-Dolores Hidalgo. With an investment of 480 million pesos, explained the Governor.

“In stage two, 200 million pesos will be applied to improve rural roads, and 200 million pesos more to keep other secondary roads in good condition”.

“If something distinguishes Guanajuato, that is our excellent roads, and we want to keep it that way”said the Governor.

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