Published On: Sun, Apr 22nd, 2018

Guanajuato number one state in organ donations

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The taboos of the past regarding organ donations have been overcome, and that is why Guanajuato occupies first place in national donations, according to State Center of Transplants (CETRA) director Rodrígo López in a recent interview with News Website Atención San Miguel.

López stated that the process of transplants in the state is transparent, because “people question what they do not know, and in this state we let people know all the benefits of the program.

I have worked here for eight years, and in the past, people thought that the organs were transplanted to wealthy and very important people, but those misconceptions have been erased with the information that we provide.”

CETRA is located in León. Dr. López also remarked that if somebody wants to know who received on organ, they can have access to the information by following protocols.

“It is very sensitive information, but there is access to it,” he said. Testimony could be given by more than 3,000 people who have received transplants, he said.

Click here to read the interview with Rodrigo López on Atención San Miguel

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