Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Trump praises Mexico for breaking up Immigrant ‘Caravan’ allegedly heading for the U.S.

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Via Crucis in Mexico (Photo: CNN)

Via Crucis in Mexico (Photo: CNN)

The caravan is one of many annual marches called Via Crucis in Mexico. These pilgrimages have become so symbolic, that many use that to take a stand on issues like immigration.

They typically start off with a lot of people, and participants drop off at different points along the route. This particular Via Cruz, organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras (The People Without Borders), is now in its eighth year of the annual caravan and is made up of mostly Central Americans.

The organizers have said all along they would travel north in unity to Mexico City, and SOME will try to make it to the US/Mexico border to seek asylum.



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