Published On: Fri, Apr 20th, 2018

Violence against dogs in the state of Puebla goes unpunished

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In the last month, 15 stray dogs have died in the town of Papalotla, in the state of Puebla, victims of gunshots or poison. This situation has caused outrage and annoyance among residents, and local municipal authorities are doing nothing.

Among the animals attacked is ‘Blanquita’, a street dog that appeared in the municipality two years ago and which is fed by the residents of Calle Juarez.

‘Blanquita’ survived an attack after undergoing a six-hour long surgery, in order to rebuild her jaw. She is a very loved dog because, according to residents, she stopped an assailant once.



Through a video of security cameras, Calle Juarez residents have been able to detect that there are several aggressors that travel on a red van, from which they shoot the animals.

There are people who are offering rewards to give information or expose the killers. A group of citizens have been investigating and they say that the truck belongs to people from the neighboring town of Nonoalco. The van doesn’t have license plates though.

Even a US actor is offering a reward in US dollars to whoever provides information that could lead to the whereabouts of the attackers.

Although ‘Blanquita’ is stable in a vterinarian hospital in Mexico City, other dogs in Papalotla have been poisoned.

Although they have requested the support of the municipal authorities, the people of this town have been been ignored.

Despite the fact that in the State of Mexico, anyone who mistreats an animal is punished with up to two years in prison, authorities in the state of Puebla are not doing anything to solve this problem.

Residentes of Papalotla’s Calle Juárez, are seeking economic support to pay for hospitalization and to find a home for ‘Blanquita’, who developed anemia and diabetes after the attack.




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