Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

9 stores open every month in Queretaro

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“In average, 9 stores open every month in Queretaro, with a direct and indirect generation of 50 to 100 jobs. Of the aforementioned openings, between three and four correspond exclusively to convenience stores where the investment amounts from 10 to 15 million pesos in infrastructure”, informed the president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), Carlos Habacuc Ruiz.

He assured that the ongoing electoral process has not impacted on the dynamism of commercial investment, which also responds to the national and foreign population’s growth in the city.

In this regard, he stressed that projects in this sector are still standing, with an important development of new commercial spaces.

“So far, we have not detected that there is a lag in the investment, on the contrary it is still strong and I believe that neither political issues or the electoral process will affect the positive economic trend in Queretaro” he said.

He explained that three to four new convenience stores open monthly, and four to five businesses that belong to different industries and trade sectors.

“From businesses under the franchise model, to 100% local projects of companies that intend to start having branches in different parts of the city, they are popping-up all over town. The opening of new establishments, in addition to contributing to the supply of consumption, favor direct and indirect employment,” he said.



He cited that on average each of these businesses offer four to five direct jobs in addition to indirect jobs, so in total, between 50 and 100 jobs are generated each month.

On the issue of salaries, the president of the Canaco mentioned that these are variable, since the jobs range from general employee to managerial and operational positions, however, he indicated that in the case of the counter sales workers, they have a weekly average salary of 2,000 pesos.




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