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Twelve Steps to follow for an Enlightened Health Travel Planning

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Your first time in a new country could become an unexpected adventure, specially when you travel for medical purposes. If you do not know where to start, here is a twelve-step path to follow during a health tourism trip without letting stress and uncertainty overcome you.

1.       Confirm your treatment options.- Doctors everywhere generally recommend a range of choices for a given condition. They then leave it up to you and your family to settle upon a course of action, based on their recommendations.

2.       Narrow your destinations.- The point is to narrow your options based on your travel preferences, geography, budget, time requirements, and other variables. To help narrow your options, ask yourself these questions:

a.       When do I want-or need- to travel?

b.       If i am taking a companion, when can he or she travel?

c.       How much do I mind a 10-hour flight?

d.       Do i prefer warmer or cooler climate?

e.       If i am planning on leisure activities while abroad?

f.        How much cultural diversity can I tolerate?

3.       Consider engaging a health travel agent.- A qualified agent is usually a specialist in a given region or treatment, with the best doctors, accommodations, and in-country contacts at his or her fingertips. Health travel agents do all the work of a traditional travel agent and more,  including some or all of the following:

a.       Match you with the appropriate clinic and physicians.

b.       Arrange and confirm appointments

c.       Expedite the transfer of your medical information

d.       Book air travel

e.       Obtein Passports and visas

f.        Reserve lodging and accommodations

g.       Arrange in-country transportation

h.       Help manage post-treatment procedures

i.         Help with Discovery and recuperation

j.         Help with leisure activity planning


4.       Choose a reliable, fun companion.- How do you choose the right companion? Three words: Capable, Orginazed, Fun.

5.       Find Dr. Right with the following three principles:

a.       Insist always in your native tongue.

b.       Seek Mr. Right, not Mr. Personality.

c.       Expect good service.

6.       Get to know your hospital or your clinic.- Before you start booking air travel accommodations or planning the more relaxing part of the trip, do some additional sleuthing, beginning with your treatment center.

7.       Follow-Up on credentials.- Request the doctors or that your health travel agent send you full back ground information, including education, degrees, areas of speciality, number of years in practice, number of patients served and association memberships.

8.       Gather your medical record.- The doctor or your healt travel agent will probably ask to see supporting information about your medial needs. Such data usually include the following:

a.       Reports or written recommendations from your local specialist related to your condition

b.       X-ray or imaging reports from your specialist’s office or your radiology lab

c.       Test results from your specialist’s office or third-party laboratories

d.       General medical history, health record, or pathology reports from previous treatments, depending on your treatment

9.       Plan your recuperation and your recovery.- Do yourself and your loved ones a big favor: Follow your doctor’s post-treatment orders, allowing your body and spirit time to return to health.

10.       Create your health travel vacation.- Whether you can squeeze in a vacation or not, the most important consideration is your health. Focus on your treatment, and try no to bite off too much.

11.       Book air travel and accommodations.- Only at this point does it make sense to begin contacting airlanes and hotels; otherwise, you are likely to spend needless effort and expense changing itineraries.

12.       Triple-Check details and documents.- Is crucial on a medical trip to remember to take everything that you and your companion will need.

Remember, The keys for a successful medical travel are diligent research and informed planning.

Information used for this entry was based on the book “Patients Beyond Borders” by Josef Woodman

For more information go to yucare.mx


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