Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Photonics cluster will be built in Querétaro

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Under the premise of “who dominates the light will dominate the technological world“, the International Commission of Optics and ProMéxico promote the construction of a cluster of photonics in Querétaro through the Mexican Initiative of Photonics (Instituto Mexicano de Fotónica: IMF).

This Mexican cluster will be open to any institution or company interested in developing light technologies and will be complementary to those of the automotive, aerospace and biotechnology industries that are already established in the state of Querétaro.

The cluster will gather companies that focus on the development of led light sources (light emitting diode), fiber optics, solar cells and sensors based on photonic circuits.

It is anticipated that the cluster could initially boost the automotive and aerospace industries, through the development of sensors. Later, applications will surely expand to communications, energy, medicine, the food industry and the” internet of things” industry.

According to estimates made by the cluster’s organizing committee, this project would cost around 5 billion US dollars, which contemplates its planning, construction and total equipment of the applied research and technology transfer infrastructure, as well as the broad urban development required.


According to data from the International Society for Optical Engineering, there are 45 clusters of photonics in the world, most oof them in the United States, Europe and Asia, while Latin America still does not have one of this type, so the Mexican Photonics Cluster (CMF) will be the first.




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