Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

Municipal president of Colón, Querétaro celebrated electoral victory in SMA

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Alejandro Ochoa Valencia grew up in the municipality of Colón, in he state of Queretaro. He is the father of three children, has experience in resource management and seeks that his proposals in the public sector bring practical solutions that allow the development of a citizen culture and generalized sustainability.

He was recently reelected the municipal president of his hometown Colón.

Alejandro Ochoa was caught on video while celebrating his electoral triumph in “La Ingrata”, a night club in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Ochoa Valencia, is shown with a glass in his hand, while dancing with an unidentified woman, after the Electoral Institute of the State of Querétaro (IEEQ), provided proof of majority, and he was declared officially the reelected municipal president of Colón, Querétaro.

Alejandro Ochoa, the video was taken around 2:30 in the morning of Saturday, July 7.

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