Published On: Fri, Jul 27th, 2018

Why we went on an adventure to live in Mexico (and maybe you should, too)

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This article by Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire and published in Forbes finds out why this Baby Boomer family left the US on an adventure to travel and live in Mexico… and how some of their reasons may be yours, too. 

Sitting with my wife and dogs on the white sand beach in the shade of our private, palm-thatched enclosure open to the sea, I scanned the horizon.

Clear, flat, translucent water alternating in countless shares of turquoise extended first to where several very small islands beckoned a few hundred yards offshore, then to the endless horizon. It was a gentle 80 degrees and there was a slight breeze.


Only one other family, about 50 yards away, shared this paradise on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, which we had paid the equivalent of $3 to enter. Lazily considering the events of the last month, my thoughts were interrupted by a man who rode up in a dune buggy asking if we wanted to buy some shrimp for lunch, for about $2.

How did we get to this place?

If you’re a Baby Boomer raised in the U.S. or Canada, there’s a pretty good chance you and I have a lot in common. Most likely, growing up, we shared…

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