Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2018

Allende tops the list of “best five craft beers in Mexico”

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Do not miss this selection of Mexican craft beer producers. What better pretext to travel than to try these drinks which high quality fills us with pride. Cheers!

ALLENDE, San Miguel de Allende
Its bottle reflects the identity of San Miguel de Allende, as it fatures the color approved by the town itself, the characteristic detail of the bicoloured overalls in the houses and the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel as local symbol. Do not miss this craft beer today (On International Beer Day!).

Beer: Allende IPA, Indian style Pale Ale


This brewery is born from the two passions of Esteban Silva: Colima as his homeland and his love for beer, which began when his grandfather gave him a taste of this drink during dinner. Esteban had the idea of starting a brewery and began to manufacture this great craft beer, which started formally in 2013, and now he has 63 investors.

Beer: Colimita, german lager style


Although they do not know it, Beer Factory is a pioneer Mexican company in the production of craft beer and began its history in 1997 with the opening of its first branch in Santa Fe, in Mexico City. Each of its restaurants has its own factory and there they produce their own beer. So you can always find beer novelties to try at Beer Factory.

Beer: Mediterranean Light, light ale style.


CEIBA, Yucatán
Many years ago, as part of its tradition, there was a legendary Yucatecan Brewery, which allowed Yucatecan people to enjoy the pleasures of beer. Along with his sons Carlos and Mauricio, Carlos Jaime decided to found Ceiba Beer in 2013 in order to give his state a craft beer with high quality and its own identity once again. The name chosen for their beer is because the ceiba is a millenary tree considered sacred by the Maya and implies a commitment to tradition, quality and history.

Beer: Ceiba Imperial Stout, stout style


LA SILLA, Monterrey
La Silla started as a company in 2014 at the initiative of Israel Hurtado. In that year Israel read in the newspaper that some Monterrey residents made craft beer in their garage, a fact that inspired him and made him start his own brewery. He researched everything related to the subject and relied on brewing specialists to develop the styles and buy the necessary equipment to produce beer. A part of the production is in Mexico City,  and another in Monterrey, where the founder of La Silla is from.

Beer: Honey wheat ale, style honey wheat ala






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