Published On: Mon, Aug 6th, 2018

Attendance of the Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato continues growing

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Amelia Chávez Padilla, Director of the Museum of Art and History of Guanajuato noted that attendance at the MAHG grew exponentially due to the work that has been done inside and outside the museum, in the words of the director, who also talked about staff training at the museum.

“Of course there is assistance, according to the records, the number of exhibitions has increased, along with the number of visitors “said Padilla.

She stressed that the offer is not only inside the museum but also outside its doors with permanent and temporary “extramural exhibitions” in order to reach people who are not assiduous to museums, and then create an expectation and make them visit the MAHG.

Assistance to museums and habits

Amelia Chávez Padilla was asked about the factors that could influence a person and make them attend a museum. “This has a lot to do with the habits that have formed us since we were children, habits that come from home, family and school, and remain within ourselves for the rest of our lives,” the director said.



The director of the Museum of Art and History stressed that attending a museum is an aesthetic and artistic training experience that is forged in time: “You train your sight, your mind, your brain, you create your own concept of art, and in the end, you make art a part of your life “.

About tolerance

“Other benefits of attending a museum are tolerance, healthy coexistence, acceptance of otherness, because people usually believe that the other is at a disadvantage to what they are. And on the other hand, the concept of a museum as a place for the elite is finished,” said Amelia Chavez

Chavez Padilla concluded: “We have an increase in both the number of exhibitions and the number of visitors, from September 2012 to date, we are talking about two and a half million visitors.”

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