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DogHero, the ‘Airbnb’ for dogs, arrives in Mexico

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DogHero, is the online platform where you can find lodging for your dog, or, you can become a host and earn extra money, started operations in Mexico and is available on the web and as an app for iOS and Android.

This initiative was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 2014, as a response to a problem raised by Eduardo Baer and Fernando Gadotti. These pet owners were wondering where to leave their  dogs while they were on the road. They did not trust pensions or veterinarians though. So they came up with this idea!

The goal of the company is that pets can be in a home environment, without cages and with personalized treatment.

After receiving a capital investment of 2.4 million dollars from European and Mexican investment funds, the company will begin to provide services in Mexico City, Toluca, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

“Mexico has more dogs than any other country in Latin America. Approximately 7 out of 10 households have a pet, and more and more people are concerned about their welfare, since they consider them part of the family, so this platform can be very useful for this audience, “explained Eduardo Baer , co-founder and CEO of DogHero.

As for the safety of the pets and tranquility of the owners, the company has a veterinary guarantee insurance that covers up to 15,000 pesos in expenses to treat any illness or injury they might suffer during their stay with a host.

“A story that we have, that maybe has nothing to do with insurance but is remarkable, is that a paralyzed dog stayed for 15 days with a host of ours, and he built a wheelchair, he used it to walk the dog everyday, and at the end of the stay, he gave it to the dog owner” says Baer.

Currently, DogHero has more than 16,000 hosts and more than 500,000 dogs registered on its platform and operates in Brazil, Argentina and now in Mexico, where it expects to exceed 1,000 hosts during its first year, and according to their projections, Mexico will represent 30% of the company’s profits in a three-year period.

The profit for hosts ranges between 150 and 200 pesos per night (per dog), and the average stay is 5 nights.

How does it work?

  1.  Enter the platform.
  2.  Look for hosts near your areas.
  3.  Check the profile of the hosts (you can check ratings and photos of the guest house).
  4.  Indicate the number of days or hours that you require to take care of your pet.
  5.  The platform connects you with available hosts and closes the deal when paying with debit or credit card.

Who knows? If you’re an animal lover, you might be interested in becoming a host (and make an extra buck doing something you love)… For more information go to https://www.doghero.com.mx/ (Spanish)

TYT Newsroom with information from https://www.doghero.com.mx/

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