Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Guanajuato state congress wants to ban plastic bags and straws

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In an extraordinary session, the state congress endorsed a reform to the Law for the Integral Management of Residues of the State and the Municipalities of Guanajuato, in order to inhibit the use of plastic straws and bags, as well as other products that are not biodegradable.

During the plenary session, the representaties said that, these items will be banned, “unless its use is expressly requested by the consumer” (which is absurd, if they are going to ban plastic, this has to be a definite measure).

In addition, representatives propose the implementation of awareness campaigns on preservation, ecological restoration and the gradual elimination of the use of plastic products that are not biodegradable; and the generation of public policies tending to the progressive substitution of the use of materials that generate inorganic waste for those that are biodegradable.



The local congressman, Jorge de la Cruz, said that Guanajuato seeks to join Veracruz, Baja California and Queretaro in the generation of actions to inhibit the use of plastic bags and straws, as well as to conduct awareness campaigns to make the population aware of the ecological damage that plastic is causing to the planet.

Legislator Ledezma Constantino said that it is estimated that each person uses 38,000 straws in their life, which take 100 years to degrade.

“The proposed modifications will generate a more sensitive awareness in society about the negative impact of the use of plastic on ecosystems,” he stressed.




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