Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2018

OPINION: Retiring Abroad: What to Know Before You Go

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By Sonya Stinson | Key Bank

Retiring abroad can be a rewarding and life-changing adventure. But the financial, logistical, and lifestyle considerations can be complicated. Here’s a beginner’s look at everything you’ll need to help you prepare for the move.

Exploring the Possibilities

Before you move abroad, test drive the lifestyle by spending some extended vacation time in the area. That will give you a chance to get acclimated to the weather, the culture, and the tasks of day-to-day living. Try to venture outside of the tourist zones — noting the types of housing available and their proximity to shops, healthcare facilities, and other necessities.

If you’re thinking of moving to a country where you don’t speak the primary language, you might consider taking an intensive language course and using your vacation time to practice before you relocate.

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Your preliminary exploration should also include research of the legal requirements for the move. Remember that international travel, immigration, and residency laws vary widely. If you’ve traveled previously to the country where you want to retire, you’re already familiar with its rules regarding visas for temporary visitors. If you’re going for the first time, you’ll need to find out the requirements well in advance of your trip by contacting the embassy or consulate of your destination country. If you’re planning to work once you move abroad, you’ll need to obtain a separate work visa.

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