Published On: Fri, Aug 3rd, 2018

Overwhelming natural beauty surrounds San Miguel’s colonial buildings and cobblestone streets

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The countryside around San Miguel de Allende is made up of rolling hills, rocky mountains, and vast pasture and farms.

But the real showpiece is the town itself. The historic centro is made up of Spanish colonial buildings (homes, churches, civic buildings, and more) in the Baroque style, painted in shades of yellow, red, and orange.

By law, excessive signage is not allowed and the historic nature of buildings, especially the façades facing the street, cannot be altered.

So it feels like you’re stepping back in history as you stroll down narrow cobblestone streets, past windows filled with geraniums, and heavy wooden doors thrown open to reveal landscaped interior courtyards with tinkling fountains. You turn a corner and you come across a quiet park in front of a grand church and soaring bell tower.

The architecture is a big perk to living in San Miguel, and has proven inspiring to many of the local artists…not to mention photographers.


 Hacienda San José Lavista (Photo: Quirino Gutiérrez/

Hacienda San José Lavista (Photo: Quirino Gutiérrez/



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