Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2018

Shared bicycle program exceeds expectations in Querétaro

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“To date, 5,200 people have enrolled in the shared bicycle program of the municipality of Querétaro called Qrobici and 2,000 trips are made daily, which has exceeded the expectations of the municipal government”, said the mobility secretary, Mauricio Cobo Urquiza.

The official said that the average use of each bicycle is four times per day and the average time of use of each bicycle is 18 minutes.

The secretary explained that the projection when the system started was 2,500 people; however, with the figures obtained so far it is expected to close the administration with 6,000 registered users. Most people who use Qrobici are between 15 and 35 years of age.




“450 bicycles, 4.5 daily rides per bicycle for a little over 2,300 trips per day, are indicators that place Queretaro next to American cities such as Washington DC or San Francisco, where this type of programmes have been operating for many years,” he said.

Tourists must download the Qrobici mobile application, in its Android or iPhone versions, in order to access the shared bicycle public service offered by the municipality of Querétaro. Users can pay with a credit, debit or a special rechargeable card sold at local convenience stores.

It is suggested to acquire the membership a couple of days before arriving in Querétaro. Membership for one day costs 70 pesos. To register you must send a photo of your driver’s license or INE.

About 3 to 5% of the total users have a one-day membership. The system allows to obtain memberships on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or daily basis.

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