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Toyán: Organic wines inside a mystic wine cellar in San Miguel de Allende

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“Mexican organic wine stands out for having ancestral notes, a unique flavor that respects pre-Hispanic agriculture and the land where the vine is planted, as well as being under the care of the female hand”, said Martha Molina, owner of the Toyán house.

Located in San Miguel de Allende, this 12-hectare wine house is distinguished from other Mexican vineyards by having a unique concept in winemaking, an almost handmade process and a mystical atmosphere in its cellars.

“Here we decided to dedicate ourselves to organic agriculture because wine has been known as a healthy beverage throughout history, but today people always want to do things in a hurry, using chemicals to spped up processes. But our goal here is to offer an ancestral and high quality wine,” explained Martha in an interview with Notimex.

Toyán produces between 16 and 18 thousand liters of this drink per year, and although the owner considers that there are producers with higher figures, she is proud of what her house generates, since this kind of wine is not a common task, and large wineries opt for more commercial processes and quick results.

“Wine has been magical over the centuries, even back in biblical times, a Toyan we are universal, we integrate our ancient roots. Toyán is a Nahuatl word that means place where knowledge is born. We also pay tribute to the monks, who were the first to make wine in Mexico,” she continued.

“The wine cellar is located 14 meters underground, it was dug with pick and shovel by four men in a period of four years, with a circular design that allows the energy flow for a better rest”, Martha explained during a tour.

“The entrance ramp is guarded by sculptures of monks carved in quarry, illuminated by neon blue lights, which besides giving a mystical touch to the place, allows to keep the wine healthy, away from the sunlight. In general, the cava was designed and developed in such a way that it does not break with the balance of nature, it is ecologically and strategically harmonized with the environment, Martha stated.

(Photo: milenio.com)

(Photo: milenio.com)

“I do not know what went wrong, our ancestors took care of the earth, sky, water, fire and wind, and that’s what we have been trying to rescue for the past 24 years, when we started this great project. Toyán is also known for being one of the first houses to preserve the traditional production of wine in Guanajuato, and seeks to position itself as one of the best nationally”, she added.

“We cultivate he grape with passion here, and the result is a wine of the highest quality, a product of the work of the women who work here,” and that is around 80% of the staff. “This is important because the energy of Mother Earth is evidently feminine, it represents fertility, and who better to take care of it than women, who have more sensitivity, creativity and carefulness “, she concluded.

Finally, Martha shared that her goal is to reach 20 hectares in the coming years to continue harvesting Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blac and Moscato grapes.

Toyan's monks

Toyan’s monks

SMT Newsroom with information from milenio.com

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