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5 Essential Qualities for a Forex Trader

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Forex trading is at the cutting edge of all online trading activities. The forex market has the highest level of liquidity in any market, with around $1.5 trillion traded each day. It’s an easy market to get into and you don’t need any previous experience to begin trading currency pairs. Anyone can open an account on an online trading platform. It’s as easy as registering and depositing funds. But making a profit is not quite so easy. That requires a certain degree of skill and personal attributes. If you are thinking of giving forex trading a try, here are the essential qualities all successful forex traders have.

Cool Under Pressure

Online trading is a high-pressure ball game. There is a lot at stake and if you make a bad trade, you can easily lose a fortune. Successful forex traders are able to keep their heads when everyone around them is panicking. If you are the type that barely breaks into a sweat during stressful situations, the high-stakes world of forex trading is probably perfect for you.


Know When to Cut Your Losses

Good traders know when to step away and close their trading positions. They don’t go chasing after losses in the forlorn hope that a win will wipe out a succession of losses. Nick Leeson is a lesson in point. His high-risk trading strategies made him very popular at Barings Bank, but when it began falling apart, he continued to trade in the hope of recouping his losses. Only his recovery strategy didn’t work out too well, and he lost £827 million in the process.

An Appetite for Risk

Forex trading on MT4 platforms is not for the faint-hearted. Currencies can be volatile and because forex is a leveraged product, you could lose a lot more than your initial investment. For this reason, you need a stomach for risk. If you can’t tolerate any risk, try investing your money in government bonds instead. If you are comfortable with risk, don’t make the mistake of trading without limits. Good traders always know their limits and only take calculated risks. If you don’t, you may as well go and throw your money away in the nearest casino.

Be Willing to Watch and Learn

Don’t be in a rush to begin trading. Take your time and learn the ropes first. Open a demo account and see how it works. Create an account on a social platform like e-Toro and follow more experienced traders. Successful forex traders learn their skills by watching how others more experienced them work the markets. You should do the same.

Pay Attention to Detail

Learn to love charts and analytical tools. It’s the little things that matter when you trade forex. Successful traders pay close attention to the news, financial and political, and they always have an economic calendar close at hand. These are the tools you need to make a success of forex trading.

Don’t be in a hurry to start trading. Educate yourself on how forex trading works and take your time. The markets will still be here in a month or a year, so watch, learn, and practice on a demo account.

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