Published On: Sun, Sep 9th, 2018

Autonomous Travel Mobile Hotel Rooms

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Radical Innovation, an award-giving platform that recognises game-changing ideas for the hospitality industry worldwide, has announced the 2018 finalists for its 12th annual edition.

The Radical Innovation competition was founded in 2007 by The John Hardy Group, a company that provides clients with counsel, leadership, creativity and accountability for hospitality development projects. The group is committed to driving and continually improving the industry by paving the way for new concepts.

Its jury is composed of hospitality and design experts, which include John Hardy, the president and CEO of the group. The Radical Innovation jury selects finalists based on creativity and design, as well as their potential feasibility and ability to impact the industry.

Mobile Hotel Room

The Autonomous Travel Suite integrates transportation and hospitality through a driverless, mobile suite offering door-to-door transportation service in between a traveller’s home and destination.

Within a compact hotel room environment, the suite is equipped with basic sleeping, working and washroom functions, allowing guests to be most efficient and productive while optimising travel time.

Operated and maintained by the Autonomous Hotel Chain, once scheduled online or via mobile app, a customised unit is delivered to the traveller’s door and taken to a local Autonomous Hotel docking facility at the traveller’s destination, where the unit extends into a larger parent suite.

Acting as both a personal rental car and hotel room, The Autonomous Travel Suite provides both a new way of travelling and an extension of the conventional hotel experience, from the minute a traveller steps out of their home.





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