Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2018

Despite plant closures in Japan, Toyota’s production continues in the state of Guanajuato

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“Toyota company started closing plants in Japan after the earthquake that occurred the first week of September, but in Guanajuato the investment of this company goes ahead”.

The above was announced by Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development of Guanajuato (SDES), who said at the time there was no mention of the intention to stop the construction of the new Toyota plant in Apaseo el Grande. On the contrary, the work shows a notorious advance.

“Anyone can see how the construction work is advancing at a fast pace from the Querétaro – Irapuato. Toyota is a very large international company that has the capabilities of enduring a situation of this kind,”  Romero Pacheco said.

According to international media, Toyota will be closing several plants in Japan because the supply chain in that nation was cut, that is, although their factories were not damaged by the earthquake, many of their suppliers suffered major damages and this situation affects the production directly.

“Originally Toyota showed interest in settling in Celaya but after the tsunami of 2011, where several of its factories were destroyed, this investment was canceled in order to use its economic resources to rebuild their factories in the Far East,” the Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development of Guanajuato continued.

“However, Toyota had very advanced negotiations with the government of Guanajuato and when the investment of its competitor Honda was canceled, they took advantage of the facilities and available land and decided to invest in the municipality of Apaseo el Grande”, concluded Romero Pacheco.



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