Published On: Sat, Sep 8th, 2018

Expansion project for Guanajuato’s Mummies Museum on ‘waiting list’

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Guanajuato Mayor Edgar Castro said that the federal government has not responded on the 30 million pesos that had been requested for the expansion project of the Mummies Museum, so he said the project is on ‘waiting list’.

He said that the project was supposed to be approved, despite the fact that the federal administration is about to end, and added that his administration will keep demanding this resource.

museo de las momias

“As the Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid declared, they will continue working until the last day of the administration’s term,” the mayor said.

He insisted that the federal government has to follow-up in this project. The expansion and remodeling of the Museum of the Mummies is absolutely vital, since the income obtained in this museum is the second most important income for the Guanajuato municipality.

However, the project presented to the federal government requesting the economic resource has not advanced and mayor Edgar Castro says he hopes that his administration can pull it out, and if not, it will be up to the next administration to follow up and obtain the resources necessary to remodel the museum.

Source: Periodico Correo



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