Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2018

Uriangato “tapeteros” take their art to Chicago to commemorate the Mexican Independence

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Chicago IL.- The unique art of making rugs and carpets with sawdust, flowers and sand, which has distinguished the artisans of Uriangato, in the state of Guanajuato, was taken to the city of Chicago to frame the festivities of Mexico’s independence.

Two ‘tapeteros‘ from the Mexican community of Uriangato, Víctor Hugo Juárez and Benito Juárez, traveled to Chicago, Illinois, invited by members of Club House Yuriria-Chicago, to make a rug in that facility.

Víctor Hugo and Benito worked for several hours to dye the sand in different colors and then distribute it on the floor to form an image.

The rug created by the artisans of Uriangato shows a man and a woman embraced with the flags of Mexico and the United States covering their backs, looking at the horizon in a desert environment in which there is a nopal and a saguaro.

In an interview with Notimex, Victor Hugo explained that the idea of ​​the mat was to capture the bonds that unite the two countries, immigration with families on both sides of the border, deportations, the desert.

Víctor Hugo and Benito participated in the extensive carpet of flowers that covered the Great Square of Brussels, in Belgium earlier this year.

Víctor Hugo explained that this type of art is increasingly demanded in the world and the artisans of Uriangato have been traveling to different places to capture it.

The tradition of making carpets and rugs arose in Uriangato as a religious offering, to honor San Miguel Arcángel.

Every October 6, dozens of “tapeteros” are dedicated to making carpets and rugs along a route to celebrate the passage of San Miguel Arcángel (Archangel Saint Michael) through the streets of Uriangato.

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