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Alternative Aura Medicine

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An aura is energy that surrounds all living things.  In theory, with a bit of practice and concentration, anyone can see auras.  Personally, I never have but like with everyone it is obvious when one has a glow about them or someone has a charismatic aura around them.

I can, on the flip side of the equation, feel miles off a dark aura (indicating the person is unhappy with most everything).  Thrice I’ve met folks with dark auras in my San Miguel neighborhood and know to keep a wide berth and avoid all contact. Nothing comes from studying darkness other than well-organized darkness.

Back in the Dark Ages, before cell phones and the internet, I took a class on auras with my wife.  After the first class she dropped out (a chronic habit making finishing up a degree painstaking). In the second class a gal went on and on about the lady in the last class that had the darkest aura she ever seen describing my blushing bride’s personality to a tee.  For all my classmate’s perceptive abilities the notion we rode in together and were married escaped her.

There are folks in town (and around the world) that can read your aura and offer physical healing.  Recently given the opportunity to experience such I jumped at the chance.

I and two pals took our turns spending an hour with a healer in what was once my daughter’s teen age bedroom.  

First you remove your shoes to be in touch with earth.  Later the last step is to place your palms on the floor by your feet to release the excess energy back to the earth.  Lucky for me I’ve done yoga for decades and am flexible enough to place my palms on the floor.

During the procedures one must stay awake and not close your eyes.  Staying awake hasn’t been easy for me lately due to some persistent muscular pain.  

The practitioner then goes around you with utter concentration.  Suddenly I felt like a Raggedy Andy doll having yarn pulled out of me.  Not pleasant, nor painful, as a doll doesn’t feel any of that, nor was the following sensation of being sewed back up.

She asked me leading questions with mixed results.  She got my number of children right but not the genders which kind of surprised me given the bookshelf of family photos right beside her.

Up front she asked my full name, date of birth and occupation.  I said I was, because I am, retired. However while circulating me she stated “You said you were retired but I see you working with a great many people.”  She’s right, I give tours but see it more as a cool retirement hobby than profession. That she could have learned by quick internet search.

Then she questioned me about choking which I do, and always have.  I consider choking a gift from my mother and it requires every meal to be accompanied by vast quantities of water to push through food to my tummy.  Now I’m intrigued, as that’s not knowledge available to anyone who hasn’t eaten with me.

She also picks up on the muscular leg pain that drew me to her to begin with.  She chastises me for having had the surgery claiming it wasn’t needed. In my defense the doctor said varicose veins lead to strokes and I’ve a sister that stroked out in her mid-forties, my age then, and I had no desire to gambol down her path.  Instead I know limp down my own path.

She stresses I’m tired all the time from the pain (even I put that together and I went to Catholic school so science is a complete mystery to me).  I’ll need two more sessions with her to relieve the pain spread over three days. Okey-dokey. Following acupuncture, countless herbal remedies and sleeping with pillows under every body part but my head, I’m ready to try anything.

Other requirements to this aura reading experience is silence, a backless chair and solitude.  I’ve all those with a house full of fountains that drown out all noise but fireworks (much to my dog’s chagrin.)  Actually the dog was the only problem as he isn’t partial to my being in room without him and was quite verbal about being locked out of the reading until a pal took him out for a walk to distract him.

Meanwhile, after the reading the healer found a fatty deposit on his 13 lb. frame and told me to lay off the dog treats as he was getting physical problems.  It was around here Jasper raised his paw at her to exclaim “Witch! Burn her!”

I gave him a piece of brownie and he sulked off both happy and disgusted with the situation.

Should you try an aura reading?  Sure, why not? When sick, it is any port in a storm.  Plus you know the halos that surround saints’ heads in Medieval art?  Those are considered their yellow aura showing love for others and if auras worked well for so many saints for thousands of years who am I to not consider their value?!?



Joseph Toone is the Historical Society’s short-story award winning author of the SMA Secrets book series.  All books in the series are Amazon bestsellers in Mexican Travel and Holidays.  Toone is SMA’s expert and TripAdvisor’s top ranked historical tour guide telling the stories behind what we do in today’s SMA.  Visit HistoryAndCultureWalkingTours.com, and JosephTooneTours.com.

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