Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2018

Guanajuato congress approves legitimate defense in case of tresspasing

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GUANAJUATO (09/29/2018) .- On September 23, the figure of “legitimate defense” in the reform of the Penal Code was approved by the local congress of Guanajuato. This reform allows self defense in case of intrusion (burglar, thief, delinquent or not) into a home or property, that violates or endangers the physical integrity or property of the dweller, he may defend himself without being prosecuted criminally.

“When an intruder trespasses a house, whoever is inside the property can repel the aggression, in any way under any circumstance and using the mechanisms or elements at hand (like a firearm), and in no way can be criminally charged, “said representative Libya Dennise García Muñoz Ledo, member of the local congress.

García Muñoz Ledo clarified that the approved initiative only guarantees self-defense in housing and not in businesses or automobiles owned by the victim, although it is expected that in the future it may be applied to businesses and vehicles.

If the individual who enters the owner’s land or property without permission is a police officer , the victim may act in the same way and use the necessary means to repel the threat.




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