Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2018

Hotel Matilda, still standing strong in SMA

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The 32-room (including nine suites) Hotel Matilda has plenty to offer. Tucked behind a historic but unassuming façade is a modern and luxurious oasis.

With a bar, indoor/outdoor restaurant Moxi, and pool, Hotel Matilda is a cleverly designed property that never feels too busy. The spa—entirely hidden from view—is a tranquil refuge offering lavish, personalized treatments.

While the hotel is high-end, it’s also laid-back—there’s a distinctly friendly and familiar vibe from the reception through to the backyard.


A word of warning: when lounging by the pool, keep in mind that San Miguel de Allende is some 6,000 feet above sea level, making the sun’s rays—and many say, hangovers—extra-strong.

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