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I have loved San Miguel since the 70’s…

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The San Miguel Times is conducting interviews with members of the Expat community in SMA, in order to find out their perception regarding different aspects of their lives in Mexico. This time the interviewee asked to remain anonymous.

1. How long have you been living in San Miguel? I bought a house here six years ago. I have been here full time for four and a half years.

2. Why did you decide to move to SMA? I have loved it since the 70’s, when I visited often and planned to move here with friends. My friends moved here around 1980 and were here the rest of their lives. My path changed, so I followed that until I came back about eight years ago to confirm that I still loved it here.

3. What are your most used media outlets to get news about Mexico? I get some news, mostly local, through Facebook and other news through email.

4. What topics would you like to read about or obtain more information online? Everything of any importance.

5. Do you share content on social media or by mail with other people? Yes.

6. Is there a specific place, media, activity or group of people that has helped you to integrate with the Mexican Culture? I initially took several courses in espanol from Warren Hardy. I think that is the basis for my initial integration when I lived here part time, mostly through the language and meeting like-minded people. Also, my son, then 24, also moved here, developed a business and friends who also were and still are important to my integration.

(Photo: unionguanajuato.mx)

(Photo: unionguanajuato.mx)

7. Do you travel to other destinations within Mexico? Yes, as often as possible.

8. What is your perception on Public Security in San Miguel and the state of Guanajuato? I have always felt safe in San Miguel. The more recent reports are unsettling, especially robbing and attacks. Often there is little information provided and it appears that the police are not very effective or serious about follow-up. I, personally, have had no problem with that.

9. What would you say to other foreigners (American, Canadian or other) that are thinking about moving to Mexico? It isn’t for everyone and I don’t think they should do it for financial reasons. You have to love and respect the country, it’s people, the traditions, and lifestyle. For those of us who do that, I think it is a source of peace, joy, and happiness.

10. Any additional comments or observations that you would like to share with the San Miguel Times readers… It is difficult now to enjoy the city many weekends, in particular. Too many tourists are allowed to crowd the streets that those of us who live here must use to take care of our everyday life and, frankly, many are rude. I drive to town and parking becomes impossible at times, even though I exclusively use parking lots.

I see many of the native SM people being less open and friendly, particularly the younger people, and that saddens me.

There is nothing better than walking in Centro or sitting in the Jardin, talking with people and enjoying the rich culture here. Unfortunately, I do not experience that as much. It is also disheartening to see excessive development and unwise development (Capilla) when it threatens our infrastructure, resources, and the beauty of San Miguel.

Interview conducted by the San Miguel Times

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