Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2018

Increase in the cost of admission to Guanajuato’s Museum of the Mummies

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Tourists from other municipalities in the country were dissatisfied with the increase of 35 pesos that the new administration implemented at the cost of admission to the (Museo de las Momias) , since they affirm that making culture more expensive could drive tourists away.

On Saturday Oct. 13, the municipal government presided by Alejandro Navarro Saldaña, announced the increase to the cost of the admission fee.

Juan Manuel Rodríguez, an elementary school teacher from Guadalajara, said that it is good to know that teachers  can enjoy a special fare, however, he considered that the increase in the rate could result in a lower influx of tourists to the museum.

On the other hand, Marco Sánchez, a visitor from Mexico City, was informed in Guanajuato’s Historic Center that the cost of admission to the museum was 60 pesos and upon arriving at the place, he was charged 85 pesos, which shows a deficient communication labor by the municipal authorities.

mummies museum box office

“The new admission fee represents a minimum daily salary for nationals and makes it “inaccessible” for many citizens, since the monthly income of some families is $ 6,000 pesos in average”, said Brenda Cabrera a tourist from Mexico City.

The municipal president of Guanajuato, Alejandro Navarro Saldaña, visited the surroundings of the Museum of the Mummies to greet the staff, as well as to monitor the reaction of the people to the increase in the admission fee.

Accompanied by the treasurer, Juan Antonio Valdez, he supervised the museum’s box office and the parking lot. His stay was very short though, because he had to leave the place to attend an official event.

Source: Periodico Correo



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