Published On: Thu, Oct 25th, 2018

Is Mexico taunting Trump with the migrant caravan?

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According to The Daily Beast, the message is more than clear.  Mexico would make sure the human column of thousands of migrants would have safe passage throughout their journey to the northern border.

The first members of the “caravan” of migrants stepped onto Mexican soil Monday, marching through 87-degree heat and intense humidity, marking the 12th day since the journey began in Honduras.

On their way to Tapachula, the first big city on their route, they were met by a phalanx of heavily armed Mexican Federal Police blocking the road.


As marchers persevered, tensions grew. The phalanx of riot policemen drew back a few feet.  Then in a surprise twist, Mexican Federal Police Commissioner Manelich Castilla took picked up a microphone and told the advancing marchers, “We want you to know that we want to make sure your passage though Mexico will be safe, controlled, orderly.”

The phalanx of cops withdrew to the side of the road and let the caravan through.

Castilla added, “The trip will be difficult and dangerous. We want you to be safe.”

Reaching the town of Huixtla, the marchers were greeted by the mayor, Jose Luis Laparra Calderón, and hundreds of supporters who cheered them on. “This is a city that has joined with them,” he told a local broadcaster.

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