Published On: Thu, Oct 4th, 2018

Mexican businessman Isaías Gómez shot at broad daylight in San on Sep. 30

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On Sunday September 30, Mexican businessman Isaías Gómez was shot at broad daylight on Calle Salida Real a Queretaro in San Miguel de Allende when he was arriving at Casa Pedro Vargas hotel where he was staying with his family. His sentimental partner, television actress Sharis Cid, Cid’s daughter Kristal and actor Brandon Peniche, were inside the hotel when the execution took place in the middle of the street.

According to a municipal police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, a man on a motorcycle waited for the 49-year-old businessman and when he arrived in front of the door that would give access to the parking lot of the residence, the gunman pulled the trigger, injuring his victim at least twice on the chest, very close to the heart.

Emergency number 911 received the call at 5:40 in the afternoon and police officers arrived at the site 8 minutes later.

Paramedics tried to save Isaías Gómez life, but the injuries suffered by the businessman were lethal. He died at the scene, and officials of the Forensic Medical Service were responsible for moving the body to the Coroner’s facility to perform the necropsy.

A security camera showed how the gunman abandoned the motorcycle and fled the scene on foot, without anyone stopping him.



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