Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2018

Mexican chocolate factory Turin inaugurates chocoboutique in Querétaro

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With an investment of approximately two million pesos, the Mexican Turin company opened its first chocoboutique in Queretaro, seeking to satisfy the region’s demand.

“It’s the first store we have in Querétaro, our activity is mostly concentrated in Mexico City, that’s where the company came from and we have manage our operations from there; but we decided it was time to expand, “said Ivonne Andreu, director of Turin in Mexico.

She highlighted the opportunity that the company has in the country, because the per capita consumption of chocolate is still low in Mexico, 700 grams per year, compared to other nations, such as Puerto Rico or the United States, where consumption goes from 1.9 to 5 kilograms per year.

“The confectionery market, which is the one we serve, continues to grow, even though the per capita consumption of chocolate in Mexico is still relatively low, when compared with other countries such as the US,” she said.

Andreu stressed that the company collaborates with chefs and specialists who develop new recipes and products, using European techniques, but with the traditional Mexican flavor.



“The creativity of our Mexican chefs is outstanding, and Turin chocolates are well positioned nationwide, many people grew up enjoying our brand’s products, such as the chocolate “bunnies”, .

“We have recipes that are more than 90 years old, but we know that we must continue to evolve, so we have come up with totally new recipes and we will keep innovating; we are continuously exploring the trends and continue offering different options that are relevant for our target audience,” Ivonne concluded.

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