Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2018

The Texcoco airport project continues until November 30

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Facing the decision to cancel the construction of Mexico City’s New International Airport in Texcoco, President Enrique Peña Nieto warned that his administration would not change its undergoing construction or concession contracts until the final day of his government.

He added that, should the new government maintain the decision of canceling the international airport after December 1, it will eventually have to demand for increased fiscal revenues from the Airport Use Fee (TUA) in order to repay the bonds issued to finance the airport in Texcoco, in addition to the construction of a new air terminal east of the Mexico valley.

Upon delivering the national awards for Sciences, Art and Literature, Technology, and Innovation, the Mexican statesman assured that his administration would be respectful of all decisions made by the government elect and would work towards a smooth transition. “It is important for our country to remain optimistic and that people put their trust in the upcoming government’s decisions,” claimed Peña Nieto.

aeropuerto texcoco obra

The president emphasized that his government had resolved to uphold their intention to build the airport. Furthermore, when delivering the national awards for 2018, he stressed the need to defend quality education available for all. “This was our main goal when designing the new education model during the past four years,” he claimed, adding that, though the education reform was perfectible and showed room for improvement, it allowed for the country to optimize resources, efforts, and the decision-making process to improve public education in Mexico.

Source: Proceso



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