Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2018

Low temperatures and white landscapes in the state of Guanajuato

With a landscape featuring trees covered in sleet, the Sierra de Santa Rosa, just a few miles from the state capital of Guanajuato, looks all white during the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 14.

The temperatures fluctuated between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius (35° F), which forced the inhabitants to take refuge inside their homes and wear heavy sweaters and jackets.

In the center of the state capital extremely low temperatures were also felt, so people had to take out of the closet coats, jackets, sweaters cares and gloves. Temperatures below zero are forecast for Guanajuato in the next 48 hours.

Sierra Santa Rosa in Guanajuato (Photo: AM)

Sierra Santa Rosa in Guanajuato (Photo: AM)

The possibility of sleet or snow in the high parts of the state are most likely to continue at least for one more day. And in SMA the average temperature for today and tomorrow will be 14 Celsius (56 °F), which is well below the region’s average.

It is recommended to take precautions, drive carefully and wear winter clothing to avoid respiratory diseases.

San Miguel Times Newsroom with information from AM



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