Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2018

A record number of women ran in yesterday’s US midterm election… How many of them won?

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The number of American women in power has grown steadily, but this year’s election, with more than 270 women running for Congress and governor, shattered records.

96 women have been elected to the U.S. House, 12 women to the U.S. Senate and 9 women will serve as governor.

How many were there before?

Prior to this year’s election, there were 107 women in Congress – 84 in the House, out of 435 members, and 23 in the Senate, out of 100. Six women were serving as governors, out of 50.

1 out of 5 Congress members are women.

Of the 107 women serving in Congress, 38 are women of color. And of the six women who currently serve as governor, one is a woman of color. 40 women of color were elected to the House, 1 to the Senate and 1 will serve as governor.

Which party has more women?

The majority of women running were Democrats, but both parties aimed to set a new high:

  • 100 Democratic women elected
  • 17    Republican women elected

7 women made history by winning in the House:

  • 9 women were elected to serve as a governor.
  • 12 women were elected to the Senate.
  • 96 women were elected to the House.

Source: LA Times



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