Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2018

Apaseo El Grande Toyota plant construction workers go on strike

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Guanajuato, Gto. (Agencies) Faced with the debt of 200 million pesos from the Japanese company Fujita Corporation to Mexican companies that have not been able to pay their salaries, workers who work in the construction of the automotive assembly plant of Toyota in Apaseo el Grande, went to strike . This was reported by José Flores, representative of affected workers.

He stressed that the problem could delay the construction project of the automotive plant supervised by Fujita Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Toyota, and that should be ready to start operations at the end of 2019, in order to arm the Toyota Tacoma truck-line in that facility.

The workers demand Fujita Corporation to pay the debts contracted with the Mexican companies employed by them, also pointed out that this debt damages the economy of the municipality, where the Japanese firm plans an investment around one billion US dollars, that will trigger the development of the automotive corridor between Guanajuato, Querétaro, Aguascalientes, Jalisco and San Luis Potosí.

Toyota Plant in Apaseo El Grande (Photo:

Toyota Plant in Apaseo El Grande (Photo:

The labor conflicts occur after the state government and the Japanese firm reported that there is an advance of 70% in the construction works of the Toyota plant, under the supervision of its subsidiary Fujita Corporation, so at the moment there are no delays or non-compliance of the companies whose employees labor in the aforementioned construction works.

José Flores stressed that this is the first time that construction the workers protest, as this project is expected to generate social and economic development in the region, with the creation of 3 thousand direct and indirect jobs (just in the first stage ), that could benefit 37 thousand people who live in 17 communities around the area where the Toyota plant will be located.

Therefore the project known as “Ciudad Toyota” (Toyota City), that is supposed to be oriented to improve the quality of life of the people of this region, is temporarily suspended due to unpaid debts with Mexican supplying companies. And obviously, if these debts are not paid, the necessary manpower can not be hired.

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