Published On: Mon, Nov 19th, 2018

Mexico authorizes 26 new Brazil meat plants to export chicken

SAO PAULO, Nov 19 (Reuters) – Mexico has authorized 26 Brazilian meat plants to export chicken products into the country, Brazil’sAgriculture Ministry said on Monday, as the two nations strengthened commercial ties amid a realignment of global trade partnerships.

The authorization, coming after a Mexican mission visited the plants in August, raised the total number of units in Brazil authorized to export chicken to Mexico to 46.

Between January and October, Brazilian chicken exports to Mexico totaled $138 million, the Brazilian government said.

Mexico produces 3.9 million tonnes of chicken and needs to import more than 640,000 tonnes, or 13.4 percent of its consumption, in a year, the Brazilian government said.

Mexico’s main suppliers are the United States, Brazil and Chile, the Brazilian government said.

Chicken plant in Brazil (Photo: West Food Brazil)

Chicken plant in Brazil (Photo: West Food Brazil)

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