Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2018

No street vendors allowed at FIG León 2018

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The General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption did not issue any type of permit for street vendors outside the Metropolitan Park during this yearedition of the International Globe Festival (FIG).

“Just as it happened last year, permits for street vending were not granted, however in 2017 the sale of Cantoya balloons skyrocketed, which resulted in the seizure of nearly 4,000 such products,” said Raúl Fabricio Ibarra Rocha.

For this reason, this year will have a crew of 30 operative police agents to stop the illegal sale of any product.

In addition, as the most sold products are balloons and food, the official specified that in the case of food stalls, they will verify that they are actually on the street, because it will not be allowed to sell food at houses or private properties, according to the Urban Development Department, who will be responsible to verify legal permits.

“People come out of nowhere, and they install themselves in the middle of the street, obstructing the main accesses to the Metropolitan Park and its surrounding areas without permission. These individuals are subject to be fined and their merchandise will be seized by the authorities,” he said.

The official added that the biggest problem last year was the illegal sale of Cantoya balloons, which were seized by the Directorate of Civil Protection, since its use is prohibited due to safety issues and environmental impact.

FIG Leon (Photo: Periodico Correo)

FIG Leon (Photo: Periodico Correo)

SMT Newsroom with information from Periodico Correo



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