Published On: Sun, Nov 18th, 2018

Online resources that you can use to learn about living in Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico – So you’ve decided that you would like to live in Mexico. What’s next? Before you start to work out your budget or enroll in that Spanish course, there’s one very important first step: deciding just where in this vast and enchanting country you’d like to live.

First, it’s important to prioritize your necessities, and build a list of your non-negotiable requirements when it comes to the place you choose to live. After that, the fun begins! There are a variety of online resources you can use to learn about all the different cities and towns in Mexico, and ultimately, decide in which of them you’d like to live.

Instagram is THE place for online visual content. Search hashtags like #livinginMexico, #Mexico, #mexico_maravilloso and other Mexico related tags. Another option is to find each city or town’s official Instagram account. For example, @visitpuertovallarta, @oaxtravel, or @sanmigueldeallende. Cruising through Instagram is one of the best ways to get a good look at the cities that interest you.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a great place for visual content. Plus, Pinterest posts also link back to blogs and websites so you can read about the information behind the images. Use the search bar to search for cities or towns that are on your radar, and research away!


Travel Blogs
There are lots of fantastic travel blogs written by those who live, work, and play in Mexico. Pinterest is a great way to find travel blogs, but we have a few recommendations for you too. Check out Expats in Mexico, Sidetracked Travel Blog, and Roaming around the World.

Believe it or not, Facebook’s search bar tool is also a very powerful tool. Try searching something like “where to live in Mexico”, or “best places to live in Mexico”, and see what comes up. This platform is great for video content, and for personalized content from people who actually live in Mexico.

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